John (Bed Hog) Cheshire:  My Story  - An Autobiographical Sketch of a   U. S. Naval Aviator and Fighter Pilot

Kim Long:   Two Minutes of Terror - Recreated mission over North Vietnam with multiple SAM launches

Bill Ribble:  Phantoms At War - Vietnam mission film

Ted (Hawk) Triebel:  Interview describing mission when he and Dave Everett became POW's.

Ed (Boris) Beakley: - begun with a focus on the attack mission from USS Midway, 71-73 (VA-56 Champs), grown to general military aviation topics.

Navy Cruise Books - An amazing viewable collection dating from WWII through 2015, including 151's 71-73 cruises

Navy Vietnam Air Crew Photo Gallery

Air Warriors: General military aviation forum

The Warzone: General military aviation items

Naval History and Heritage Command: Stories and images from the Revolutionary War to the present